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1945. Molly returns home to Hazleton Farm in Hampshire. With the war now over, it is the first Christmas the Hazletons will spend together as a family in years. But Molly is unprepared for the surprise that awaits her. Adam, her fiancé, believed to be killed in the war, is back!  Molly, however, has recently moved on, starting afresh in Scotland, finding a new love with Ross McDaniel.

Caught in a love triangle and with the pressure now building, Molly once again reaches out to the ancient yew tree, known as The Ghost Tree. She vividly sees her past life and is whisked back to 1746, to a life on the run. This time she and husband Fergus, a brave Scott warrior, are taking shelter in Ireland having escaped the brutal attack of the McKenzies at Aberdoch Manor. Now the guardians of their orphaned niece and nephew, they must lay low with Cousin Michael and his wife Clodagh in Dublin. But, trouble is never far away and it isn’t long before danger and heartbreak comes calling once more.

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In 1945 Molly Hazleton is heart broken when her fiancé doesn’t return from the war after being reported “missing in action.” So when Aunt Daphne comes to visit with news of having bought a 17th century manor house at auction in Scotland, Molly welcomes the opportunity to start afresh and help her aunt turn Aberdoch Manor into a hotel.
With a strange sense of déjà vu, Molly struggles to understand her connection with the property having never stepped foot inside of it or even Scotland for that matter. Ross McDaniel, the newly appointed gardener, knows more than he is letting on. And when he shows Molly an ancient yew tree named by the locals as the Ghost Tree, after touching it, Molly discovers a remarkable ability to vividly see and experience her own past life - a life of extreme danger and hardship on the road with the Jacobite in 1745, hunted by the Red Coats for crimes she hasn’t committed.
She is also in love with a brave, Scot warrior, leader of the McDaniel clan who soon becomes her husband.

Stirring up forgotten memories and an uncontrollable yearning to be back with those she once loved, Molly is hopelessly torn between very different worlds, two hundred years apart!



An eerie mist surrounds the castle. Its icy fingers are curling and lingering between each stone wall. In the village, the locals are restless as they toss and turn in their sleep. The clip clop of horse’s hooves can be heard on cobblestones and shouts of angry drunken men in the far distance. The mystery man with his dog is back again, but who is he? The village of Corfe Castle is harbouring a dark secret stemming back to the 17th Century when Lady Bankes fought to protect the Castle and when Anthony Dickinson, a witch finder, tortured scores of unsuspecting women throughout Dorset. Drawn to a photo of Bluebell Cottage in a real estate window, Greg has an unusual, yearning to give up his life in London, after his recent marriage break-up, and live in the cottage. It seems that Greg is not the only newcomer to the village, as Helen, who has recently left Bournemouth after breaking up with her fiancé, moves into Lilly’s, an old 17th century cottage not far from Bluebell Cottage. She too is drawn into the past with strange dreams and paranormal experiences. It becomes clear that three hundred and sixty seven years on, a story of love and treachery becomes hopelessly entwined with the past and present.



Two teenage girls have mysteriously disappeared from the small Scottish Orkney island of Eday. The island is in turmoil. It is as if they have vanished from the face of the earth without trace.
Eight years later in Cambridgeshire, seven year old Callum Thompson is trying to cope with his parents’ recent separation. He is acting strangely, constantly talking about his other daddy and his new friend Jeremy, believed by others to be fictional characters in Callum’s mind. Is this a case of a little boy with emotional problems or is this something more sinister? Jack wonders if his son is having some kind of encounter with the spirit world, but Louise, Callum’s mother is sceptical.
After a successful trip to an old stately home in Hampshire, where paranormal activity is caught on camera, Dr Andrew McGregor returns to his parapsychology unit in Cambridge to find himself faced with a new challenge. It doesn't take him long to realise that Callum Thompson's situation is far more than a paranormal investigation. What is the link between Callum and Eday?
Coincidences, strange happenings, twists and turns leads Andrew McGregor to the answers everyone has been desperately searching for, including what happened to the two missing girls from Eday.




When Jennifer Brown’s best friend suddenly dies, Jen discovers that she is the sole beneficiary of a substantial amount of money and a villa on the Canary Island of Tenerife. Saying goodbye to a loveless marriage after twenty three years and ending her long career as a secondary school teacher, she embarks on a new life in Puerto De La Cruz. But it’s not quite the life she had envisaged. Strange dreams, chilling supernatural encounters, and the remains of a body in her back garden, leads Jen to discover the shocking truth about the death of Esperanza Sanchez, a young woman who had once lived in the same villa back in 1927.

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Whitby, 1911 - 1912 "An epic tale of deceit, betrayal, love and a life long feud between two brothers, packed with drama to the very end!" James Hawkes, a captain in the Royal Navy, returns to his home town in North Yorkshire, after a long spell at sea. He had anticipated a joyful reunion with his sweetheart Victoria, but much has changed while he has been away. Victoria is engaged to his brother Robert, and worse news follows - she is carrying Robert's baby. Now back in the thick of village life and all its problems, James finds love and support from an unlikely source.There is trouble at the local mill and, as this gripping tale unfolds with a thickening plot, a night of gambling turns into something far more serious when the stakes determine the fate of the mill and a fire breaks out causing havoc, threatening the lives and livelihoods of many.As the events of a fateful court case unravel, lives are turned upside down forever…


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