Gone But Not Forgotten

You are the moon and stars so far away,

You are the dawn that lights the day,

You are the sun setting over the poppy field,

You are the one that guides and protects me like a shield,

You are the whisper in the breeze,

In my heart forever you’ll be.

                                       By Claire Voet


The Poppy Sunset

As the sun sets

over the poppy fields,

Such a beautiful sight

it yields,

A sea of red

all around,

Covering every part,

of the ground.

A slight breeze

blowing through the air,

A wonderful feeling,

being there.

As the sun goes down

to end the show,

I’ll be back

to these fields

of that I know.

                                          By Kevin Crookes



A thunderous swirl of black and purple above the land,

Trees sheltering him from the rain, lending a helping hand,

A waiting ghost in the damp cold mist,

The anguish, despair, it is Agnes he’s missed,

The cold breath of a sudden breeze,

He finds himself falling to his knees,

Agnes hushed and breathless waits,

Beckoning him through the open gates,

He reaches for her hands, taking them into his own,

One last look behind, a goodbye to the world he has known.

                                              By Claire Voet