Claire Voet is an English author, born in Gosport across the shores of Portsmouth Harbour. As a child she grew up in Portchester, Hampshire, and often writes about the area in her stories. Although two of her books are historical romances set in Hampshire, and the other a historical romance in Yorkshire, she also writes stories to do with the  paranormal, mystery and occult. Claire’s interest for the paranormal and mystery, often combined with history and romance, shines through in her incredibly, inspiring, stories.


As a commercial participator for the BBC Children in Need Appeal, Claire donates money from her book sales, and continues to support the charity she feels so passionately about.


Whittington Manor was Claire’s first novel, published in 2010. Whittington Manor was awarded 3rd place at the Peoples’ Book Prize Competition, London, in 2013. Whittington Manor II – The Poppy Sunset, published 2014, is the sequel. Claire is also the author of The Other Daddy – A World Away, best selling novel The Ghost of Bluebell Cottage, Captain Hawkes and a short story A Helping Hand. Six years after writing her first novel, Claire is now the author of six published books, and has recently started writing scripts for film and television too.


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