Beyond Doubt

Book Title

The small Scottish Orkney island of Eday is in turmoil after two teenage girls mysteriously disappear. It is as if they have vanished from the face of the earth leaving no trace behind them.

Eight years later in Cambridgeshire, Callum Thompson, at the tender age of only seven years old, tries to cope with his parent’s recent separation. At first his change in behaviour is blamed on the fact that Louise and Jack are now living apart, but as time goes on, there is reason for concern. Jack wonders if his son is being exposed to some kind of encounter with the spirit world.

Meanwhile, after a successful trip to an old stately home in Hampshire, where paranormal activity is caught on Camera, Dr Andrew McGregor returns to his parapsychology unit in Cambridge to find himself faced with a new challenge. It doesn’t take him long to realise that Callum Thompson’s case is far more than a paranormal investigation. Could it be that Callum is remembering another life? As strong links occur between Callum and the island of Eday, the mystery of the missing girls unravels to a shocking discovery.

An updated version of the previously published title
The Other Daddy – A World Away.