The Ghost of Bluebell Cottage

Book Title

Bestseller 2014 – 2015!

Taking a break from work, after his recent marriage break-up and experiencing vivid and inexplicable dreams, Greg Thomas heads off to the village of Corfe Castle in Dorset, England for a short break.

The parish of Corfe Castle has a dark history dating back to 1643 when Lady Mary Bankes was driven from the castle by a traitor employee and when Anthony Dickinson was busy torturing scores of woman thought to be witches. Amongst these women were Bluebell and Lilly, two herbalists whose cottages still stand today.

Drawn to a photograph of Bluebell Cottage in a real estate window, Greg has an unusual yearning to give up his high-flying career in London and live in the cottage, which is exactly what he does.

It seems that Greg is not the only newcomer to the village as Helen, who has recently left Bournemouth after breaking up with her fiancé, moves into Lilly’s an old 17th century cottage not far from Bluebell Cottage. She too is drawn into the past with strange dreams and paranormal experiences.

Peggy Paxton, ancestor of Bluebell and Lilly, blames Greg and Helen for stirring up the spirits and turns to the vicar for help, but much to her dismay, he too is caught up in the grip of something powerful and dangerous. Three hundred and sixty seven years on, a story of love and betrayal becomes hopelessly entwined with the past and present, and its up to Helen and Greg to bring the peace back to Corfe Castle and lay the past to rest once and for all.

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